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Empty promises and underachieving roadmap.
I’m sure this will be ignored in any AMA since it’s not really a question but I need to get this off my chest. I’ve been in this token since day 2. I’ve been in crypto since early 2014. I’ve been here when doge was born and I’ve been in DeFI way before safemoon was invented. Claiming that you are not a meme coin will not change the fact that you are a meme coin. You are on the BSC network and literally only meme tokens live here. Empty promises of some amazing utility doesn’t grant you the freedom to not be a meme coin. There’s literally no utility yet. I understand you are working hard day and night to build something but honestly I feel like you took over this token and are holding it hostage for your “legal entity”. This legal entity thing is really not what DeFi is about. All this legal entity does is give you a chance at a career and a good line on your inexperience college student resume. This does little to help us now. You are literally ignoring what the community wants and you think you know it better. This is a community token and you should listen to what the community wants. Your inexperienced developers have not been able to produce a website in more than a month. As a software developer, this beta website you have would literally take me 3 days to build. And you know why? Because it’s just a skeleton with no backend. It’s just a front end with pretty graphics. There’s no service that connects to it. Nothing at all. Your invitation thing to sign up and claim your username is cute but it’s literally a 5 hour job to create an invitation system. Your app is just pretty graphics with no backend at all. So what I’m getting to is: stop acting like you know better than the community of what bonfire needs to be. It’s still a meme coin until you prove it otherwise. So start doing something that the community wants and stop waiting for the perfect moment that might never come. You might just miss this bull cycle by the time you release something and by that time no amount of marketing will matter because let’s be real, you are not a company that’s worth even the current $50M market cap.